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    She was juggling. and she was quite good at what she did.
    Drums beach, Tel Aviv, end of summer 2005. Just being there is something special. The sound of several dozens drams beat simultanously for hours on, makes you feel better.
    And all the people there, feeling free as should, on the sea side. All sort of movement to - some practice gym, capoera and just simple dancing.

    And there are always the jugglers. All sort. With wires, clubs, balls and whatever. And when night falls - with fire. Its a defferent world.

    She juggled well. Her skin color (sun burned) was a great contrast to the colors of her bikini. So it asked to be taken.
    If you look carefuly you will see her hands moving, and the lines to.

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    1. ido1 115 months ago | reply

      The discussion on this picture for the Weekly pool can be found here

    2. timtimtimtimtim 115 months ago | reply

      dude... wow.
      you describe this scene of wonderment and awe and great things happening all around you....

      yet you take a picture of her ass?!?!?
      unbelievable man... to so blindly expose yourself as such an incredible putz and chauvinistic pig.


    3. PULITZER PRIZE WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER ♥ [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      What a singularly unattractive arse.

    4. Andy Farnsworth 115 months ago | reply

      the juggling part is a bit to sublime in this image.

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    5. Dan Barak 115 months ago | reply

      The colors are nice, but without the description, it's just a picture of girl's bottom smacked in the middle of the picture, with a blurred guy in blue that doesn't belong there...


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    6. ♥ chi chi ♥ 115 months ago | reply

      if she juggled so well, you probabably should have taken a picture of her doing that.

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    7. 짜디그노스 (Zadignose) 115 months ago | reply

      I should employ you as a copy writer for my photos, to artsy them up a bit. Wait, let's try it:

      "They were communing with their past... in the ancient customs of the long forgotten ways. The meadhalls of the SpearDanes, whence Beowulf and heroes of yore, issued forth to resolve the bloodfeuds, and bring peace to pagan lands. They drank well. They drank deep. They drank... life!"

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    8. Fred [feukiou] [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      Hmmm it's a girl butt, not even a beautiful one.
      You crop too tight and forget to show us her juggling. (nasty perv!)

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    9. Futurefabric 115 months ago | reply

      nice ass. uninspired shot.

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    10. surplusparts 115 months ago | reply

      Ok ass not so ok photo. Uninteresting composition.

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    11. Peter Barker 115 months ago | reply

      Distracting background. More juggling required in foreground.

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    12. patlike 115 months ago | reply

      It's a picture... of a girl's backside. Maybe FHM would be interested.

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    13. salehbaba 114 months ago | reply

      like the water drops on her skin shining!

    14. opossum_xing 85 months ago | reply

      it looks like she's spinning poi, not juggling. i mean the girl, not the booty.

    15. ido1 85 months ago | reply

      That what she does. Just that as a title - juggling sounds better.

    16. djade20 85 months ago | reply

      Sorry, what hands? ;-)

    17. milkaaaaa 82 months ago | reply

      Actually she's not juggling, she's playing poi (who cares anyway ? :p)

    18. fishwhack 63 months ago | reply

      mmm... ass portrait, my favorite! =)

    19. Ms Entropic 62 months ago | reply

      She's not juggling, she's spinning poi. But it wouldn't matter because it's just a photo of her butt. Was that what in particular was asking to be taken?

    20. ido1 62 months ago | reply

      Im not in the butt pics thing. This was taken for the contrast - the skin color, the swimming suit color and the person behind who is interested.

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