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    Bolts and thats all.

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    1. swardraws ages ago | reply

      I like the simplicity and rust of this shot...and I agree great dof

    2. dtype 118 months ago | reply

      I want to say, "What is so special about a bolt?" But something about this shot makes me believe this bolt! I want to follow _this_ bolt!

      Anyway, I want to trash this shot as boring, but I can't. Great texture. Perfect framing. Perfect focus and short depth of field.

      Voted saveme. (From Delete Me! group.)

    3. _devocean 118 months ago | reply

      great study of a nut with clean focus and good exposure- i like the idea of the other nut in the backgound but it is too demanding of my eye - its swollen out of focus-ness is a distraction...?

      voted deleteme! (from Delete Me! group)

    4. mscaprikell 118 months ago | reply

      agreeing with doctor john a bit.... the front bolt/nut has incredible detail but the bolt/nut behind it vies for too much attention and pulls the eye back...

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    5. Bien Stephenson 118 months ago | reply

      Technically great...color, dof, texture, but nothing gripping other than its a superior quality picture.
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    6. bfelice 118 months ago | reply

      not engaging for me, might be an age/gender/demographic thing

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    7. *steve_gobeil* 118 months ago | reply

      a great photo that lacks any appeal.


    8. rottenbetsy 118 months ago | reply

      Coulda, but didn't. It's not the bolts that let ya down, it's the light and the relatively dull composition. Delicious camera, boring capture. A more compelling composition or less flat light might have made me like these boltsandthatsall, buuuuut I think this one falls short.

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    9. Wooble 118 months ago | reply

      Anyway, I want to trash this shot as boring, but I can't.

      I can.

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    10. janinewhite 118 months ago | reply

      I like rusty bolts. I like the way the second one looks like a shadow of the first. Voted saveme2.

    11. Felix63 118 months ago | reply

      The front bolt seems flat, therefore it lacks something...

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    12. the-tml 118 months ago | reply

      What jgoldpac said. Voted saveme.

    13. _rebekka 118 months ago | reply

      ultimately, its just a bolt. Probably the best photograph ive seen of one, but still, as far as emotional impact goes, nada.

    14. Felix63 118 months ago | reply

      Agree. I never seen such a fascinating picture of a rusty bolt or any bolt. Do you do nails as well?

    15. ido1 118 months ago | reply

      Removed from the "deleteme" pool.

    16. bihua 104 months ago | reply

      wonderfully rsuty - great dof and colors

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