All that left....

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    Aint this what we live for? to survive and blossom after all hardship.
    A red Anemone blasting threw the left over barbed wire of an old war

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    1. jolanda r (aka jojoro) 119 months ago | reply

      You captured (all) the contrasts beautifully!

    2. Suzan's World [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

      Call me stupid, but I just love it!

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    3. SteveFE 118 months ago | reply

      I'm being picky because I have to: the barb should really be sharp too. One or two more f-stops might have done it but still left the background blurred?

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    4. Shane_Murphy 118 months ago | reply

      Would have loved to see both the barb & flower in focus.

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    5. Tsjeu 118 months ago | reply

      I'm much too inhuman to like this. The photo is ugly, the text is even worse. Like using a hammer to get the message across.

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    6. Shane_Murphy 118 months ago | reply

      This should go into the barbwire group.

    7. Hourman 118 months ago | reply

      "A red Anemone blasting threw the left over barbed wire of an old war" shut up.
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    8. jiwasz 118 months ago | reply

      Would have liked to have seen the barbed wire in focus and the other wires out of the way.

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    9. Lucy Spink 118 months ago | reply

      its a bit too insipid for me.. trying to be fine arty and like tsjeu said, using a hammer.
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    10. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

      No problem with the OOF barbed wire as a metaphor for the memories of war fading away. But those extra wires ruin it.

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    11. ido1 118 months ago | reply

      OK. Got the idea. TNX for your opinions.

    12. / No to censorship [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

      The discussion on this picture for the weekly pool is to be found here

    13. jimeli1 107 months ago | reply

      Is this outside of Auschwitz Death Camp memorial??It is so extremely poignant.YOU touch my heart and mind and soul.

    14. jimeli1 107 months ago | reply

      another note.WHO in the HELL ar these fools who put their "insipid" and totally non dimensional and non empathetic opinons here and have the nerve to say DELETE me? How shallow people are and how quickly they forget and do not care to see that oppression is going on right now still. HOORAY and BLESS YOU ido1, YOU ae wonderful and honest and human..................

    15. ido1 107 months ago | reply

      TNX jimeli1. These are DM group. I went there knowing what I will get. The pic was taken in Israel - near Kibuts Be'ery - lots of the red color is there in season.

    16. JJ Gillman 106 months ago | reply

      This is nice - I tried to take one of a poppie flower and barbed wire also - I can see the symbology in it. I have this one instead from the Golan.

      Poppie in the dark sky

      The meaning is far more important than 'focus on wire'

    17. bihua 104 months ago | reply

      I'm wondering abou all the delete me people - I can agree, that the dof is not perfect and the picture would be technically better, when the flower would be completely in focus. I do not see any other wires, just two thin grass stems - and the world is like that, they are there.

      technique is one thing, but for me the value of a picture is in its essence and this picture has something to say and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    18. Camra_ Art / Ellen Gardner 78 months ago | reply

      This is a fabulous photo. Kudos.

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