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For whatever reason I woke up at 6:30am.

And this was the idea that came to mind.






So I’ve been tagged twice now, first by jennybruin2000, and again by Le Petit Danseur. I suppose I should get a move on it then, mmM-Kay? It’s still too early to really do anything else so here goes it:


1. I’m a bookworm.

2. I watch everything in theaters.

3. I’m a bit of a germaphobe.

4. I’m OCD about brushing my teeth.

5. I used to paint before I got into photography.

6. I’m terrified of going blind.

7. I’m running out of things to type.

8. I think the Canadian version of “Caribana” sucks.

9. I, now not so secretly, believe that I won’t make it in life doing what I want to do; photography.

10. I’m going outside to tan, because yes, it’s a sunny day for the first time in the past four weeks.


Good day to you all!




Fishy detail.

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Taken on July 31, 2009