Forward the march. The burden and the glow.

Today, with the sun shining and all being well with the world we have a piece about love. But not your soppy Mills & Boon style romance. Oh no, this is about the kind of love that can be dangerous. For all it's attendant positives there is a darker side to love...


Sometimes love can just be a little to much for any one person. This is where it feels as if love has becomes a burden to be endured in the face of mounting difficulties in the hope that perseverance will keep the flame alive. Too often it is extinguished before it has faced true adversity and perhaps this is the test. Any that endure will surely last a lifetime. Luckily for this young lover's other half she has already taken stock and decided to forward the march, the burden and the glow...





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Taken on May 16, 2012