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Giving Photographers a Bad Name...

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An open letter to YOU, inconsiderate photographer,

I understand that you have a camera and want to get original, in your face, action shots. I, too, like to do that sort of thing. I understand that you want to immediatly see that cool picture that you just took. I understand that some people want their photo taken as they are running. I understand that at the back of the marathon people are running slower.

What I don't understand is why you think you have the right to go into the middle of the street and literally step directly in front of people and fire off your shot, continue to stand in front of them and the people they are running with, then look at the picture you just took, and forget that there is a race running around you.

These people are running 26.2 miles. Have you ever done that? Have you ever had a pace or rhythm going that you didn't want to stop? Have you ever had someone step in front of you to take your picture?

There are barricades on the street for people like you. Stay out of the race, stay out of peoples' faces, be considerate of other people, take creative portraits in another way, learn technique.

You are a rude photographer. I was ashamed for everyone who has ever held a camera today.

Look below to see more examples of your rudeness.


Chad Nicholson

PS. please read my other comment before commenting.

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  1. Nicole Rork 101 months ago | reply

    I agree with "ishotyourband's" note.

  2. JVanSweden 101 months ago | reply

    Nicole Rork, I see the point BUT, the one pic it does look like she got right in their way. Did you read the post by Icopythat before he posted this pic? anyway, my husband is a runner, he would be pretty upset if he was interrupted on such a long run like that by a photographer, she was right smack in the middle of those runners. That was distasteful and disrespectful.

  3. hannueskelinen 101 months ago | reply

    God damn you flickers are all REALLY shy whining people, i'd go there middle of the race and knoked-out every damn asshole runners with my 200mm 1.8 to get better action photos. That girl is my great hero. I just love her! Kisses to her!

    And no joking! =D

  4. adversegecko 101 months ago | reply

    My dads a runner and he would hate it if someone got in his way, it'd be like someone coming over and pushing over your tripod after you'd set up a shot.

    I'm not a pro, but i am a journalist and our job IS to get what we need but surely not at the expense of the public.

    I'd like to hear this ladies response to the criticism

  5. creative666 101 months ago | reply

    I hope her images were in the hard core street photography group!

    If I was a runner I would have aimed for her and wiped her off her feet!

  6. DarkAtticus 101 months ago | reply

    I am not saying that what she has done is right but I know in our area that marathoners are well aware that there are street photographers and need to be prepared to dodge them (We don't have closed track marathons though).

    Personally I probably would have watched for a large enough gap in the runners before stepping in to take any shots, Also I wouldn't have been checking my photos, I would have snapped and ran.

  7. phtoc_laywer 101 months ago | reply

    Are photographers starting to turn on each other ?
    Lets consider the facts here. I think this thread of yours overstep a couple of laws more seriously than what she is doing.
    I get a lawer if I were you. She was identified by your photos as an individual, and this thread is invading her privacy and doing some damage to her as a person.
    If I was her and saw this , I would go and see a lawer, thats for sure!
    In short, her photos probably miles better than yours.

  8. JVanSweden 101 months ago | reply

    No lawyer needed, no case here! This thread was someone's high moral opinion about a person whom was standing right in the middle of a marathon, okay that in itself is not wrong, but, did you see the pictures of those runners how upset they looked that she got directly in their faces? She looked ridiculous, and obviously upset some of the runners. Icopythat is simply a photographer who was at the scene, posting his photos on his flickr site, along with a comment that he felt this woman was stepping out of bounds, and being disrepectful and rude to the runners!

    I respect Icopythat for posting this, it will make me thing twice before I go right up to someone like that while he/she is trying to run a marathon and snap their picture, making them have to move to avoid her. That was wrong! Icopythat obviously has better taste and pride than this other photographer!!

  9. JVanSweden 101 months ago | reply

    And where is your sense of humor? I think its this is really funny!

  10. tempestdelfuego 101 months ago | reply

    I ran the marathon in 2003. It was gruelling, and it takes a lot of concentration. I did not see one photographer run into the middle of the crowd for a shot: the professional photographers were all safely out of the way of us runners, which makes it good all around. They can get their shots, and we can continue running. It's just good etiquette.

  11. shooten4ya 101 months ago | reply

    Ummm, Yeah... good luck with that " I would get a lawyer" thing. Just one of the many problems with our knee-jerk society, everyone is soooo quick to get a lawyer for the most ridiculous things.Next thing you know someone will try a sue Mc Donalds for making them fat. Oh, wait.

  12. xanthinine 94 months ago | reply

    Hey phtoc_laywer!

    Are you really a lawyer? I fail to see what her expectations of privacy are when she's out in in public. Especially when she steps out into the middle of the street, no less! As far as I can tell there isn't any slander/libel (yes I know the difference) going on.

    P.S. I love the photoshopping! :D

  13. elkue 94 months ago | reply

    What's a lawer and where can I get one? Is it something I eat? phtoc, please let me know!

  14. Andy Frazer 94 months ago | reply

    This whole thread is very interesting and very funny.

    My two cents....

    1. The Last Supper PhotoChop was outstanding. But kudos to everyone else who entered the "contest".

    2. The woman is a selfish bitch. I'm sorry to hear that not a single runner "accidentally" bumped into her. There's a famous film clip of a videographer stepping in the way of a cycling race (I have no idea which race it was), and both getting clobbered by a bicyclist and injuring the rider. Someone should show it to her.

    Hasn't anyone ID'ed this woman, yet? That's when the real run would start.

  15. Andy Frazer 94 months ago | reply

    Oops... Averageearthman already posted the story about the bike race. Sorry for not reading all of the 154 previous posts.

  16. Kristen Haveman 45 months ago | reply

    Just wanted to mention that on the photo is a comment saying the press pass would be here, Not really true, I work as a journalist and am not always given press passes, even more so if she is a freelance pj.

  17. TomBrooklyn 44 months ago | reply

    I'm somewhat surprised, with all the views this photo has gotten, that nobody seems to really know who this is. Maybe some people do, but have chosen not to indicate so.

  18. Acierman 38 months ago | reply

    shes an idiot for sure

  19. Couldn't Call It Unexpected 32 months ago | reply

    Don't you hate when inconsiderate runners get in the way of your street photography....?

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