Wii Safety: The Missing Pages
If you have not read or seen the recent hilarious posting by Kotaku about Nintendo’s Safety Manual from Japan, go take a look. Once you do, this entire post will make much more sense.

Thanks to one of our clients in Japan, who just happens to work for one of the printing companies Nintendo regularly uses, we are pleased to be able to bring you scans of some of the missing diagrams from the Wii Safety Manual. These helpful instructions somehow got cut from the final, shipping version but are no less important when it comes to proper handling of the Wii.

UPDATE: Okay, we cannot tell a lie. We made it all up! But can you blame us really? It was begging to be done. :-)

UPDATE 2: Be sure to grab the ultra swanky Wii Safety desktop pictures in two amazing colors (teal and ecru) at the Iconfactory for your computer desktop!
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