February 2018: 5-5-5 technical assistance assignment with Achmea
In February 2018, Judith Boute, Business Change Manager Digital from Achmea (The Netherlands) travelled to Mumbai (India) to provide a strategic review of Uplift Mutuals' business model from the first year of the Uplift project under the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy, and help Uplift identify bottlenecks, new opportunities and any challenges. Guus van der Weijden, Transition Manager Finance and Risk from Achmea, also provided technical assistance to the project at the same time by helping Uplift to improve its monitoring and evaluation systems. Judith and Guus’s four-day assignment will begin with a field trip to meet with policyholders and see the project in action, followed by a visit with staff at Uplift’s headquarters in Pune.
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