5th Open European Day
The Open European Day was first held in 2013 and is known among municipal climate practitioners as the place to meet other local governments and swap methods and opportunities for implementing climate change adaptation and urban resilience measures.

On 25th April 2018, 155 local government representatives, climate change adaptation experts and local and national government representatives joined the climate adaptation conference in Bonn to meet other city representatives for peer-based discussions.

The event is organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the European
Environment Agency. The 5th edition was supported by the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and Ramboll and co-organised by the European-funded Smart Mature Resilience project, RESIN – Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures and PLACARD.

More information: resilientcities2018.iclei.org/open-european- day-2018/
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