Veer Screening

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    1. gabriel amadeus 77 months ago | reply

      These are great! I'm glad someone finally took a pic of the bike, I'm regretting breaking all my cameras. Now I can show my long distance friends what I've been working on lately.

    2. gabriel amadeus 77 months ago | reply

      There's this new group if you want to add it.....

    3. npGREENWAY 76 months ago | reply

      Hey... can you add it to the Bakfiets -- The Dutch Cargo Bike group too?

      I've been waiting to see the finished version in that pool as I think we have some of the construction photos on there.


      --Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "PDX (Portland) Work Bikes, Cargo Cycles, and Commuter Bicycles". (?)

    4. Patrick Barber 75 months ago | reply

      did you get the steering business fixed up? i love the box, and the skull. Very tastefully done.

    5. gabriel amadeus 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks, and yeah, it works decent now. I've been on multiple 10+ mile rides hauling a load sans problems. That said, the heim joints still have too much play and I want to make something out of skateboard bearings instead. I also need to start working on what the next modular box will be – a working pirate ship & sail system, or a bumping sound system?

    6. Patrick Barber 75 months ago | reply

      how about a little tiny airstream?

    7. npGREENWAY 75 months ago | reply

      oh.... I like the pirate ship... but a little tiny airstream would be way cool. especially if you took it on bike camping trips!

    8. gabriel amadeus 75 months ago | reply

      The airstream would be hilarious. I'd be cramping Dingo's style.

    9. halamen 71 months ago | reply

      Hey Chad,

      Wanted to let you know that the photo essay I told you about was just published. Your shot is in the #1 slot! Check it out:

      Thanks again to you and Gabriel for giving permission to use the pic--it's a great one.

      - Hal

    10. 2wheels4change 45 months ago | reply

      hi! i built a long john while in China and rode it from Kunming to Vietnam and then around Laos. The steering has always given me trouble and not it's fallen off again! How did you do the steering on your long john? Here is a picture in Laos: You can write to me at 2wheels4change at gmail dot com or see our tallbikes at thanks! tyle

    11. gabriel amadeus 45 months ago | reply


      It's the standard linkage arm like a commercial bakfiets. It has a heim joint in the front and a skateboard bearing in the rear. I had bad steering for the longest time. I'd get the speed wobbles at almost any speed. Ifinally fixed it by just cranking the heim bolt down real tight. But before that I took play out of the system in a bunch of places. I tightened the hub cones, stiffened the rod, changed the length of the arm under the box, etc.

      You can see some pics here:

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