Processing last season's 'brittle ice'.

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    Processing last season's 'brittle ice'. The drill recovers ice cores approximately 2-meters in length. The 2-meter long sections of core are then cut into 1-meter long sections so that they fit into the standard-sized insulated shipping container (ISC) boxes used by the US ice-coring community to transport ice cores. A dry-cut circular saw is used to make the cuts. The ice shown in this picture was drilled last season (2014/15 field season) and left onsite to winter-over because it is from the 'brittle ice zone'. Allowing the 'brittle ice' to winter-over provides more time for the internal stresses in the ice to relax before the ice is shipped back to the U.S. After drilling, all of the 'brittle ice' is extruded into elastic netting (the green material) to ensure that if any breakage of the ice occurs during handling or transport the core fragments will be contained.
    Photo credit: IDDO

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