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    My first doll was a Pullip Greggia in 2006, quickly follwed by a Blythe Samedi Marche.

    So, who was yours? :D

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    1. throwing_coconuts 8 days ago | reply

      I let her go. :( About 5ish years ago I got an Ichigo Heaven on eBay and that’s when I really started collecting.

    2. puppy52 8 days ago | reply

      I believe I ordered my first blythe doll online and it was a Velvet Minuet, but we found a Pow Wow Poncho in a local store so we bought her :3 I don't have either of them anymore tho ^o^;

    3. spiti84 8 days ago | reply

      my first doll was a blythe ice rune :D

    4. camillaeatsfiftyeggs 7 days ago | reply

      mine was Good Neighbour Cafe in 2008, shortly followed by Mrs Retro Mama and Enchanted Petal, who’s still with my daughter!

    5. sadaloha 7 days ago | reply

      My first Blythe was a Dainty Biscuit! Despite her hair I still find her very special

    6. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      Jacqueline Low She's cute! Do you still have her?

      Helena Oh Apple Blossom, thats a good name :D

      throwing_coconuts Was that a Kenner you found?

    7. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      chun Aw but those are good starting dolls. I can only dream about finding one in a shop! :D

      spiti84 Ice rune and her lovely stock! <3

      camillaeatsfiftyeggs Those are darn good first ones! I had my eyes on Good Neighbour back in the days, but I never got her.

      sadaloha But she has such beautiful hair!

    8. steen76 7 days ago | reply

      As an adult, my pukipuki ante

    9. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      throwing_coconuts So neat!
      By the way, I just looked at your stream.. you have an Enoki! How do you like her? I'm obsessed with her and so bummed I didn't get her! ;D

    10. throwing_coconuts 7 days ago | reply

      icantdance yeah unfortunately most of my dolly pix are on IG. I liked her, I didn’t keep her long. For me she was just not a great size. I like tiny size or some times yosd.. they usually need something big and a bit awkward 😂 like big head, or big eyes. I think I prefer irrealdoll smaller size dolls. I would LOVE to have a Nur tho! That would be the largest bjd I’ve ever owned if I ever track one down 😬

    11. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      throwing_coconuts Oh nooo, she's gone? Ha I've been searching everywhere for one tonight :D
      I haven't even considered her size, I just love that face and I feel like something completely new.
      Nur looks like her older sibling. I haven't seen those before!

    12. throwing_coconuts 7 days ago | reply

      icantdance I would love to have a boy Nur. I think they’re so unique looking. I sold my Enoki on the bay a few months back. She can wear some Blythe size clothing. She’s very slender and her head is quite small. I actually had to order a size 4 wig because even my tiny bjd don’t have heads that small 😳 I think you’d like her. She’s really beautiful!

    13. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      throwing_coconuts Really, size 4? She's smaller than I imagine. What size eyes did she have, if you remember.
      They are unique looking! I hope you'll be able to get a Nur!

    14. throwing_coconuts 7 days ago | reply

      icantdance I posted another pic so you can see her. She has on a happibug Blythe dress in the picture. Her eye size is 6mm. I hope Nur will come along at the right time one of these days. I’ve only seen a few pop up and never when I have that kind of extra funds that I want to let go of ‍♀️ or there’s faceup damage....

    15. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      throwing_coconuts I shall take a look, thank you!
      I guess we are gonna have to be patient 😬

    16. icantdance 7 days ago | reply

      throwing_coconuts ok now I’ve looked. She’s so petite! Is she choco skinned?

    17. throwing_coconuts 7 days ago | reply

      icantdance yep she is! For me it’s easy to get obsessed and have the gotta find it now feeling 😆 I think with patience, things seem to come around to me eventually. Even with thrifting...which I enjoy..When I’m really looking for something specific , I put it out into the universe and I find it! Eventually 😉

    18. La Chica del Lunar ♥ (lunares) 6 days ago | reply

      hello! Mine was a primadolly violetina :D at that monment was the cheapest, i didnt like her hair so much, but... Now i still own her but miss her scalp so much. I need to recustomize her... :)

    19. Bluebells 2008 15 hours ago | reply

      Star dancer 10 years ago and she is still here..xx

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