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Knock on Wood | by Katharine Hannah.
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Knock on Wood

Lately, I've been down. All of my thoughts have been negative, I've been rude and moody and just not nice to everyone around me and I don't know why. My mom has always told me that whatever mindset you have yourself in is what you'll get in return. If you're thinking everything is shit, it's going to be. So today, I tried something different. I tried to do the opposite of everything I usually do throughout the day to try and fix my head. I only thought positive things and positive things happened. I decided spur of the moment to go to the library even though I already have a book I'm reading. After I had checked out and was about to leave, a man stopped me and asked if I was a photographer because he had noticed the tripod in my backpack. He told me that he and his wife shoot and they have an old Canon AE-1 that they're trying to find a home for. Of all the choices I could have made today, all the little decisions, I chose to go find a book and ended up with a new camera and lens and the assurance that thinking positively really does have an effect. That was the biggest thing that happened, but there were a lot more little good points. I didn't fight with anyone in my family (doesn't happen often) and I'm actually looking forward to summer now, it doesn't seem as daunting and dreary as it did Friday. Hopefully things stay so bright in my mind, knock on wood. ;)


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Taken on June 10, 2012