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Horse Play | by IC-UC
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Horse Play

At about 6am I went up to the compound where the horses are being detained , I stood by the fence and gave them a shout, two of them approached looking quite dejected, but I think they were pleased to have a bit of company. In an attempt to lift their spirits I said “so why the long faces?” ………. but that didn’t work. So I told them the joke about the woman who went to the doctor and told him. “My husband thinks his a horse, he sleeps standing up and will only eat oats and hay” the doctor told her “we can treat this but it’s very expensive, it could cost many hundreds of pounds, can you afford it?” And she said “no problem he’s already won a couple of races.” ….. that barely got a smile.

I’d never told jokes to horses before and I don’t know what they like, I could now only remember one more horse story ………. A guy is driving down a narrow country lane when his engine cuts out, he manages to pull over by a farm gate, where he opens the bonnet [hood] and while he’s cluelessly looking at the engine a horse wandered over to the farm gate and looked into the engine compartment and said to the guy “I think you have a blockage in the fuel line” then the horse wandered back into the middle of the field. Ten minutes later the farmer drove by in his tractor and stopped close to the gate and said to the guy “ having trouble!” the guy said “yeah …….. But a weird thing just happened, a horse came over and told me that I was having problems with my fuel line” and the farmer said “ can you point out which horse said that?” the guy looked over to the field and said “ it was the black one with the white markings.” the farmer said “ Oh … you don’t want to listen to him, he knows nothing about cars!”


And for a while we had a bit of a laugh!


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Uploaded on July 27, 2008