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Of Earth And Sea And The Oceans Free

If I am the land then the beach is the link with the ocean free

The land doesn’t move, constantly taking the breaks on it's knees

The earth lets its strong wooded trees become beached in the waves

Fish who venture too far ashore become enslaved to earth’s grave


At first sight this connection may be irreconcilable

A mere mermaid is just the minds fairy imaginable

So full of fantasy the religion becomes truly intransient

And then the possible becomes a god- no traces of the valiant


And so with my boldness past to the dead and wooden

I am left empty, wanting, like a guardian with no villain

Insincere until there is no fear, social fire starter

Machined aggression into motivation until smarter


Without attempt it's a mystery that beats hearts warmer

An onion with layer upon layer of sulfur and cellular

Passive waves of cycle and symmytery for messages

Conservative and safe nothing beyond simple passages


A protective skin protrudes just to use on the obtuse

A wall of armour helping to enusre I remain a recluse

Protecting my bleeding heart, left wanting in despair

“To love is to be lost”, but my heart only wants to care

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Taken on February 17, 2007