MADE IN IBM LABS: Nanorods take down counterfeiters
Scientists from IBM Research and ETH Zurich, arranged gold nanorods to display the STOP Ampelmann, which is 50 μm × 60 μm in size.

The arrows indicate the traveling direction of the meniscus in the assembly process. The nanorods, which constitute the individual pixels of the image, are placed with single-particle resolution in line- lets measuring 50 nm × 140 nm in size. The assembly yield is larger than 95%. The pixels are separated by 500 nm. The round holes placed next to the linelet array serve as pinning features. b) Dark-field optical microscopy images of the WALK Ampelmann were recorded through a pola- rizer. The pixels change their color from green to red as the polarizer is rotated by 90°. The scale bars are 10 μm.

The Ampelmann® is a registered trademark of the Ampelmann GmbH.

Published in Advanced Functional Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201101760
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