Rowland Cards
I take a playing card, make some slits and then fold them into strange and wonderful shapes.

This process is called 'kirigami'. (Like origami but with initial slits and cuts). There is no glue, no joining bits back together. Every card can, in theory, be unfolded back to its original state, although in some cases part of the surface is discarded altogether.

I have about 30 designs, of which about half are shown here.

This process was invented by Angus Lavery, and two of these designs are based on his original ideas.

The cards don't have a 'purpose' and they aren't for magic tricks. Some people think they constitute 'art' of some kind, but that's a matter of opinion.

Some of the designs have an 'impossible' quality to them.

I openly acknowledge that I have used photo editing software to tidy up these images and make them look a little neater. However, I have not mis-represented any of the designs or made them look 'more impossible' than they look in real life.
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