Networking to address global health challenges
Together, the Ministry of Health of Morocco (Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control) and local IANPHI member institutes National Institute of Hygiene and Pasteur Institute of Morocco hosted IANPHI’s Ninth Annual Meeting from November 2 – 4, 2014, in Marrakech. The meeting began with a Welcome Reception hosted by the Morroco Ministry of Health and an opening session with remarks from El Houssaine Lourdi, Minister of Health of Morocco; Pekka Puska, IANPHI President; and Ala Alwan, Director General of EMRO. These leaders welcomed participants, highlighting the theme and describing the sessions offered over the three days. They also invited participants to use this meeting as an opportunity to network, develop and strengthen partnerships, and learn from other institutes, all in the beautiful setting of Marrakech.

The central theme of this year’s meeting is “Networking to address global health challenges.” Topics addressed in the plenary sessions included NPHIs on the Frontlines: Responding to Ebola 2014, with presentations by Abdulsalawi Nasidi (Nigeria), Marc Sprenger (ECDC), Ezra Barzilay (USA), and Lamine Koivogui (Guinea). Other presentations included: Public Health System Reform and the Role of NPHIs, Peer-to-Peer Connections, and Evaluation of NPHIs.

Concurrent session topics included NPHIs Unraveling Public Health Mysteries; Monitoring and Preventing NCDs; Detecting, Containing, and Preventing the Spread of Outbreaks under IHR: Impact of a PHEIC Declaration; a Communications Workshop; Taking on Road Safety and Injury Prevention; and Social Determinants of Health.

IANPHI voted on the following member additions. The new national members are Burundi, Guatemala, Armenia NCDC, Georgia, Armenia ZNIH, and Rwanda. The new associate members are Cameroon, CARICOM, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Somalia.

The assembly also confirmed the following new Executive Board Members: Namia Elmdaghri (Morocco/ EMRO), Greg Taylor (Canada/ Americas), Fernando de la Hoz (Colombia/ Americas), Yu Wang (China/ South-East Asia), Amha Kebede (Ethiopia/ Africa) and Reinhard Burger (Germany/ Europe) will continue a second term as Executive Board members.

The General Assembly Meeting also included award presentations. Mark Sprenger, Paulo Buss, and Anne-Catherine Viso were presented the Exceptional Service Award. Congratulations to each of you, and thank you for your exceptional contributions to IANPHI’s work.

The 2015 annual IANPHI meeting will take place in Paris, France hosted by INvS.
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