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Going Up. By Ian Layzell

One of the many enormous Columns which can be found throughout the Ancient City of Palmyra.


Palmyra is the Greek name for the City. Tadmor is the translation of it's Aramaic name.


Today Tadmor is the name of the small city which sits next to the ancient ruins. The city is mentioned in Tablets dating from as early as the 19th Century BC.


Palmyra appears in the Bible as a desert city fortified by Solomon. Tadmor began to claim prominence in the 3rd Century BC. A road was built through the city and was used as one of the main routes of East-West trade. In 323 BC the Seleucids took Syria and Palmyra continued to be a very important Caravan stop. In 41BC, Mark Antony tried to occupy the city but failed. Palmyra was made part of the Roman province during the reign of Tiberius (14-37). At this time Palmyra grew in importance as a trade route linking the Roman Empire, Persia, China and India.




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