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Big Boy. By Ian Layzell | by IANLAYZELLUK
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Big Boy. By Ian Layzell

The British Shorthair (aka The British Blue).


The British Shorthair is the descendant of cats brought to Britain by the Romans and then interbred with wild native cats. They were later crossbred with Persian Cats to improve the thickness of their coats. The British Shorthair was defined in the 19th Century.


British Shorthairs have dense , plush Coats that are often known as "Crisp" or "Cracking". Eyes are large and typically a strong copper colour. The males of this breed are larger than females. They are one of the most easy going breeds of cats.


Lifespan is an average of 14 - 20 years but can be even longer.


The British Blue pictured here is "Harvey". Quite difficult to get a picture of him because everytime the camera pointed at him he would turn the opposite way, delibrately me thinks. After numerous attempts he finally came round to saying "cheese". I think this photo sums up Harvey perfectly.


June 2010.

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Taken on June 4, 2010