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I havent been taking to many pictures and uploading them recently... I started a new job working at a leading photo studio in downtown Littleton and that is taking up all my time. I have been shooting with Canon lately (this was taken with my Nikon) and I dont like it just cause of that annoying wheel on the back, it gets in my face and I have to pull it away to change the apature... >:(. I was staying late in the studio to take some personal pictures to build my portfolio and I had a great time, I miss just having fun. I am having a model come this week and a MUA and a couple assistants, it should be a fun shoot! Come back in about three days to see those photos!


P.S. Jess and I's weekly project is still going on, I just havent posted yet. I will get around to it this weekend when I have more free time :)


Henssel with large softbox back right

Henssel with stripbox back left

Henssel with grid on back wall

AB-1600 with beauty dish with white sock above

Pocket Wizzard x4

Triggered via vivitar remote


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Taken on March 1, 2012