Lighthouses of Scotland and The Isle of Man
For my pictures of lighthouses in England and Wales see the following set:

I've been fascinated by lighthouses since childhood - they are located on spectacular stretches of our coastline, of architectural interest, and, are often great engineering marvels in their own right.

The coastline of the British Isles, (and in particular Scotland) has some of the best examples of lighthouse engineering in the world. Most of Scotland's lighthouses were built after 1786 when the Northern Lighthouse Board was formed.

The Board's first engineer Thomas Smith was eventually succeeded by his stepson (and son-in-law) Robert Stevenson. Robert was the first in line of the Stevenson family of engineers - they would pioneer lighthouse design and light most of the Scottish coastline in the period between the early 19th and 20th centuries. Their legacy includes lighthouses in some very remote and exposed places such as the Bell Rock and Skerryvore - these achievements are all the more incredible when the limited technology which was available at the time is considered.

I've tried to put the lighthouses in some sort of geographical order starting with Chicken Rock on the Isle of Man and going clockwise right round the scottish coastline finishing at St Abbs in South-East Scotland.

In 2015, the Northern Lighthouse Heritage Trust published a book of my work "Scottish and Manx Lighthouses - a photographic journey in the footsteps of the Stevensons".

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