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Fatboy and Slim (Day 10) | by Zeessi
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Fatboy and Slim (Day 10)

This is my tenth and eleventh figure in my second 10 Day Figure series for the first building challenge in the Minifigs group. This challenge is to create 10 Star Wars themed figs.


Droid Left: When thinking about what droid I wanted to do for the series, I had about 20 ideas, one of the was to remake my Droid Behemoth. After about 19 failures, I finally got this design going. I'm pretty sad I couldn't find my printed Droid parts though... :(


Droid Right: After remembering IG-88 and the awesome rendition by Hopes009, I decided to make another droid. The only real challenge with Slim was making the legs, which I finally found a very clever solution to (but is stupidly hidden by the gun... *sigh*).


Together: Once I had the two of them together I noticed a few things. A) The Droid on the right was pretty blocky and ha a very plated armor feel to him, in stark contrast to the spindly aspects of the other. B) I was trying to decide which of them to post, but the second I set the two of them down together, it donned upon me that they were the perfect pair. C) Then I had to name them, and sitting and thinking upon that for about a minute, I thought of The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the names of the bombs "Fat Man" and Little Boy." Originally I thought it was "Fatboy" and "Slim" but after doing the research about 5 seconds ago and realizing it wasn't... I liked mine better anyway. ;p


Any way... I'm stoked that the series is done now, and hopefully you've enjoyed it. :)

(I'll post a group shot soon)

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Uploaded on August 11, 2010