firefox users go fuck yourselves, love OCLC & WebJunction & the Gates Foundation

I am trying to complete an inventory of the computers in our library so that we can get a hardware grant. The tool is IE-only. What bullshit.


update: now that I am done, the wacky thing is really the language. They have cool network sniffer tool that can make this a TON easier if you're doing this inventory 1) on a windows PC 2) with IE 3) on the network the computers are on. It's not a bad assumption to make. If you have only Firefox, you have to use a clunkier tool but there's still a tool for you. There's all sorts of ways to put a positive spin on this besides "browser incompatibility" No one bothered.

  • Karin Dalziel 7y

    I like the "if your computer is unable to run IE" bullshit. My linux comp could RUN it just fine, id M$ deigned to make it for linux. (not that I would install IE on the linux compy even if I had a choice.)
  • annavanna PRO 7y

    i love that one of your tags is "shameonyou"

    oy. vey.
  • Rachel Singer Gordon PRO 7y

    LOL. Want to make a list of annoying library-oriented IE-only stuff? I enjoy LJ's IE-only vendor invoicing tool every time I want to get paid for an article...
  • Michael Stephens PRO 7y

    Dear lord...what a mess...
  • maple's mama PRO 7y

    I'm curious -- how does the Gates Foundation come into play? Did they design this tool?
  • Luke Rosenberger 7y

    @maple's mama: if i'm reading the caption correctly, the application form that jessamyn was attempting to complete was for a hardware grant. judging by her tags, i would suspect that grant might be from the gates foundation. i could be wrong.
  • Steve and Shanon Lawson PRO 7y

    Not to mention Mac users, right?
  • Peter Bromberg PRO 7y

    And the worst thing is how they gouge us on the price! Oh no, wait. It's free.

    Still, OCLC could have been more sensitive to the fact that not everyone uses IE.

    What? Oh, Npower developed the software and OCLC only acquired it in March, 2007?

    Still, that's enough time that they could have put the re-design of the webjunction website on hold and put all their free and low-cost classes and webinars on hold, and taken that staff time and money to make techatlas cross-browser compatible. That's not unreasonable, is it?

    Well, it's OCLC right, what do you expect?
  • jessamyn west PRO 7y

    I added a follow-up comments [now that I have done the inventory] to the original image's caption.
  • Jenna Freedman 7y

    from (no flickr account) eric:
    "try changing firefox's user agent string to pretend it is IE. you can do this manually in about:config or via this nifty little firefox addon";

    which i know is not the point, but still maybe a decent workaround
  • Luke Rosenberger 7y

    @peter bromberg: if you are going to make a tool *mandatory* for grant program reporting, and then you choose a tool for that purpose that locks out mac and linux users, that's not unreasonable, it's stupid. sure, make it ie-only, *or* make it mandatory for grant reporting, but *don't* do both.
  • jessamyn west PRO 7y

    The same screen a few hours later still shows the "Browser Incompatibility" message but now claims I AM using a compliant browser. Weird!

  • bckbiblio 7y

    Do you know Kendra Morgan who works with TechAtlas? Every time I have sent feedback about things that are flukey or off they have fixed it really quickly when possible. I think that they were recently able to get it fixed so TechAtlas could run on Firefox, too, and am guessing the wording here just needs to be updated. TechAtlas is one of my favorite things from WebJunction - maybe not perfect, but useful for sure.
  • Web Junction PRO 7y

    Kendra from TechAtlas here.

    About that incompatibility message (which was indeed outdated and has since been fixed)... TechAtlas provides users with several options for completing an inventory, one being the automated TechAtlas inventory tools which will only work on Windows PCs. These tools do require the user to have either Firefox or Internet Explorer. I was actually waiting on a few other things to wrap up before updating the workflows to include Firefox, but in light of this discussion, I have taken steps to update that language and you will find that Firefox will work just fine.

    Using the automated tools is not a mandatory requirement for the grant process, and I'm sorry that this seems to be the perception. We have no stake or interest in the operating system or browser a library chooses to use, that's a local decision. To accommodate Macintosh, Linux, Unix etc, we do allow libraries to use a basic web form to enter the minimum details (or as much as they would like). Honestly, our goal is to help as many libraries as possible successfully completely their inventory for the grant.

    When we hear that there are problems, we work to fix them quickly and to provide support to anyone who asks for it. But we can only fix things that people report. Feel free to email us anytime at - some of our best improvements to the software have come from user requests and suggestions!
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Uploaded on November 25, 2008

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