The Princes of the Pine

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First off I have to give a big big big thank you to Paul Klammer for the Pro account! Thank you so much bro!

Believe it or not I still have photos from the meet-up. This was Chelsea(modeling), and Gurbir's concept that I jumped in on (Rachel did the hair). When I saw they had made the pine skirt I immediately had to set to making a top for it and do my own take.
I really think you should check out Gurbir Cameron, and Evan's takes. I think this is really where you see the purpose of the meet up come to life and see the differences in individual styles.
I ended up doing some digital make-up inspired by Chelsey LeBlanc who wasn't able to make it to the meet-up. I wanted to do more but it didn't show up well in the full size, so close up+ more make up in the comments

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  1. Valerie Kasinski 20 months ago | reply

    this is beautiful. you truly made her become one with nature and I love that so much. all of the greens are amazing and I love the light rays :)!!

  2. Anna Skahill 20 months ago | reply

    The green is incredible! And that light!! Oh my goodness! And the makeup is amazing!

  3. ChelseyLeBlanc 20 months ago | reply

    I love the lighting in this, those light rays are awesome!! and also, Yay for digital make-up! haha. I really like how the makeup in the comments looks like a beak. I don't know if that's what you were going for but.. yeah. that's what i see.

  4. moritzaust 20 months ago | reply

    Incredible beautiful feet.
    Awesome shot btw.

  5. Ashley Nicole Keeler 20 months ago | reply

    This is incredible and stunning!

  6. green.loofa 20 months ago | reply

    Really cool concept and very well executed! :)

  7. Nick and the Whale 20 months ago | reply

    The greens here are fantastic and I'm glad you posted the closeup because that makeup is awesome digital or not haha. Also I hadn't noticed the orange bird before hand. The little details you put in are incredible.

  8. Mars Observer ♂ 20 months ago | reply

    She would make such a cool Christmas Tree!!

  9. Sandra Meyndt 20 months ago | reply

    aaah! the soft greens. she's just perfect for this picture with her red hair. love the make-up you added! it fits so good and the birds. lovely! :)

  10. Phillip Schumacher 20 months ago | reply

    Forest fashion! Love the colors and how different this is :)

  11. Rachel Baran 20 months ago | reply

    this was actually all gurbir's idea, i just stalked along and did the hurr :P i loooooove what you did with her makeup. this is gorgeous!

  12. GillyFace 20 months ago | reply

    I like that you can't see her feet, not just because I'm a supporter of anything anti-foot-fetish, but because it looks kind of like her body flows into the tree, like she is a new branch springing forth :)

  13. andrea van 20 months ago | reply

    so gorgeous! this is such a creative idea and it was executed flawlessly

  14. stefanheider 20 months ago | reply

    wow i love it.

    the light is awesome . . . the location is perfect.

  15. SergeyCher 20 months ago | reply

    Wow. Awesome concept!
    Great shot. Cool make-up

  16. Rubén Chase 20 months ago | reply

    This is wonderful!

  17. trini61 20 months ago | reply

    love the make up! the color tones are beautiful!

  18. Digital CLR 20 months ago | reply

    It was Gurbir's and my concept, and you executed it so beautifully.
    You made me look gorgeous - even while covered in sap.

  19. Sean.Stein 20 months ago | reply

    this is really cool! the bird on her shoulder is an excellent touch!

  20. stäff 20 months ago | reply

    Awesome shot! Love the light, her expression and makup!

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