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The Phlegethon was one of the five rivers said to flow in the Greek underworld. It was the river of fire.
I didn't want to simply photoshop fire into my hands, so I actually lit them on fire (using some magic, don't try this at home kids.) Unfortunately the flames weren't big enough so I had to composite some on anyway so that they actually showed up.
Also my Facebook page recently made it to 900 likes. What do you say we get it to 1000 and I'll do something special ;)
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  1. Morey Spellman 51 months ago | reply

    definatly going to try this.... :D lol great work!!! i love the post and light

  2. Kindra Nikole 51 months ago | reply

    Sooooo much adoration for this piece. The composition and colors are perfect!

  3. Nick and the Whale 51 months ago | reply

    Your work is magical and so inspiring.

  4. Angharad R. 51 months ago | reply

    I'm just going to sit here speechless while continuing to look at this.

  5. Cameron John Sarradet 51 months ago | reply

    You're awesome, you're also on fire...that is all.

  6. jesuismeganjean 51 months ago | reply

    Your photos are always so magical. I love this location to no end<3

  7. Diego Chavarro 51 months ago | reply

    oh, wow! thats amazing!

  8. Rubén Chase 51 months ago | reply

    This one is breathtaking Brad... truly amazing

  9. LuciaIR 51 months ago | reply

    Beautiful image.. wow

  10. Satya.V.S 51 months ago | reply

    Oh man this is just amazing! The perspective and the color tone and the FIRE!
    I know we should never ask a magician to revel his secrets but, really how?? :P

  11. Bernadette Hursh 51 months ago | reply

    You are just so talented. so talented.

  12. stefanheider 51 months ago | reply

    brad . . . this is amazing. everything is perfect.

  13. Mishu Vass [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    One more like to you :) It's well deserved, you have great pictures.

  14. Madeleine . 51 months ago | reply

    This might be my favorite picture ever.

  15. bczo 51 months ago | reply

    just nice :) keep it up :)

  16. Scare-Crow 51 months ago | reply

    wow..what an environment....

  17. Heatherrrr.Marie 51 months ago | reply

    I love how the blue stands out so bright and light in your hands, as well as the reflection spots in the water.
    You surprise with something awesome every time you upload. Seriously.

  18. Live Guy 51 months ago | reply

    Awsome shot and great concept

  19. MysteryLust 51 months ago | reply

    this is pretty sick

  20. Rachel Baran 50 months ago | reply

    you're a legend, bro.

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