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Drift and Decomposition


This is inspired by/dedicated to the fearless Sarah Ann Loreth . After seeing her first hand jump right into some cold nasty water I decided I needed to get over my hatred of cold nasty water haha.

So this was my attempt at being brave. I went on a bike ride earlier in the day and explored a super beautiful park with a river through it only about 5 blocks from my apt. So I decided I'd get over my hatred of cold and my fear of shooting in public.

When I went back to take this there were two girls hanging out right next to it so I was going to just do another lap around and hope they left, but one of them said something about my tripod and I ended up talking to them. One was a student at the photography school in town. Turns out not all photographers are super nice. She started talking down to me because I use photoshop, even after I explained that it was necessary for what I do. And she literally scoffed at me for not knowing who this one photographer was, because evidently he's the best town according to her. I kind of wanted to inform her that she hadn't seen my stuff yet ;)

I eventually went about setting up, but ended up procrastinating because a family portrait session ended up happening right next to me and I thought it would be awkward for everyone for me to be slowly lowering my self into the freezing cold water. (it was to shallow to just plunge in, and it was so cold I could barely breathe while getting in.)

So yeah. That all happened.

As I was taking it multiple people came by, but I just went about my business and didn't even notice some of them. They probably thought I was crazy. Oh well.

p.s. I forgot to mention, she said "photography is the capture of light" at least three times during our conversation as if it were the most profound and artistic thing in the universe. oh jeez

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Taken on July 21, 2012