And it was time that he set out to find the stories that were too old for words

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And HisStory is finally complete! (unless I decide to add more. We'll see...)

He found his life told in the histories of people he had never met and places he had never visited,
But a time came when he had read all that had been written,
And it was time that he set out to find the stories that were too old for words.
He dug up stories older than the land he traveled,
But the stories he uncovered had their roots burried deep beneath the surface,
Burried even deeper than the people who had lived them.

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  1. Shane Michael Black 37 months ago | reply

    Ok, you are definitely one of the people who's streams I instantly go to when I get on flickr now. Your work is just incredible, Brad.

  2. Caitlyn Park 37 months ago | reply

    Just wow...incredible....
    You've told such a wonderful, creative story with these photos!

  3. Rob Woodcox 37 months ago | reply

    Brad this is freaking AMAZING! I adore the silky textures and waving grains and colors... all working so incredibly well!

  4. laura zalenga 37 months ago | reply

    the location... i neeed it! and wonderful colors.

  5. Henrik Mo 37 months ago | reply

    absolutely freakin awesome!

  6. Billie Jane 37 months ago | reply

    Love the mood and tones here

  7. zoe.brown. 37 months ago | reply

    This is wonderful. It has a lightness but a dark mood to it

  8. Sesgy 37 months ago | reply


  9. McKenzieHoughton 37 months ago | reply

    love the colors!

  10. Sarah Lyn Love 37 months ago | reply

    looks quite amazing, that sky and field!

  11. lily austin 37 months ago | reply

    Wow the tones of this are sensational.
    Awesome photo.

  12. Maresha Noel 37 months ago | reply

    This is INCEDIBLE!!!

  13. Paul Jakob Klammer [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    this is bloody awesome!

  14. nattalieee__ 36 months ago | reply

    Holy crickets, this is incredible! The colours and the focus and everything is so aghbjfcrydresref... you're so good I hate you sometimes. <3

  15. Anais Fabvre [deleted] 36 months ago | reply


  16. Lu Tran✪ 35 months ago | reply

    amazing shoot

  17. Liat Aharoni 35 months ago | reply

    The colour palette, the movement, just superb

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