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I really need to figure out how to portray the wolf. I can't really do a whole lot more with the Red Riding hood thing without one. Suggestions?
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  1. super.lyss' 36 months ago | reply

    I love the small details, this is perfect<3

  2. shelby gill 36 months ago | reply

    Your attention to detail is phenomenal, and the DOF/framing is gorgeous! Awesome job :)

  3. abby-lynne 36 months ago | reply

    way cool!

    this is a photo i am trying to get some feedback on. check it out when you have time? :)

  4. alesha joy. 36 months ago | reply

    the red is brilliant against the white. Love your expression too.

  5. Fang Tong 36 months ago | reply

    OMG, nice shot anyway

  6. Merelle 36 months ago | reply

    Maybe you could imply the wolf? You could try playing with shadows to get the form you wanted. Love your work as always :)

  7. Cameron John Sarradet 36 months ago | reply

    I was thinking the same thing!! Use some type of form that would be ambiguous, but still captures the idea behind the wolf...the symbolic meaning. Great photo btw, the scratches are perfect!!

  8. Vikas Ravi 36 months ago | reply

    Fantastic mood there..
    though you could have increased the dramatical effects...

  9. orinoko42 36 months ago | reply

    Me too - you have started to imply the wolf's presence, with the faux scratches and the dripping knife. We won't need to see the whole wolf, do we? A tail poking from behind a tree (cowardly wolf) for a touch of humour ... you know what I mean, I'm sure.

    Red white and black/dark colours contrast so well, and you are the master of this! More, please =]

  10. GillyFace 36 months ago | reply

    Gah, Brad this is awesome!
    Do you have any fur lined jackets or anything similar? I once used a small one and duplicated it a ton of times to make it look like a massive cape-type-thing...

  11. Heidi Mays 36 months ago | reply

    Still love this! The red cape is just so brilliant.

    As for suggestions... Hmmm... maybe try roughing yourself up just a bit. Be rugged and dirty but fierce. Cover your face and body with a slight layer of dirt marks, like you've been running through the woods and haven't bathed. Maybe some blood around your mouth and "paws." Maybe not so cleanly put, though. Rub it around (to make it pinkish like it's soaked into your skin--could also do that with makeup too) like your meals have stained your face. If you don't want to be seem as scary, I'd just use a little bit of fake blood or makeup to just make it looked stained on. You could add blood elsewhere if you want to be seen as injured, like you were just in a fight with another animal or another wolf of your pack. Maybe claw at your face and arms/shoulders to leave red marks/make the skin bubble up slightly. Or even edit in your own scratches in and such. You could also maybe even get little bits of fur (maybe from a stuffed animal like a dog or jacket) and stick it to your face and arms/hands/etc (I'd suggest using chapstick as the glue). Not too much though. I wouldn't try to make yourself too "scary" or you'd be more perceived as a werewolf maybe? Besides, wolves aren't just these horrible killing machines. They are very fierce and proud, strong creatures, and are in packs and are caring. They're beautiful and graceful (I think so, anyway). Try to tighten your face muscles (and maybe even hands?) and use your eyes to portray the wolf a lot. Be very strong and intense with your eyes. Could also either edit your eyes to be a different color or buy colored contacts? Also you could buy long, fake nails and file them to be at points, and maybe paint them to be a dirty cream color or grey. Also play with darkness and shadows to portray the mood.
    Those are just my suggestions. Good luck!!

  12. ItsEmma 36 months ago | reply

    this is incredible! those scratches!!

  13. Gaietty 36 months ago | reply

    Great idea! Nice location!

  14. rebelshootsfan 36 months ago | reply

    I like the way the red pops here. Nice!

  15. Nick and the Whale 36 months ago | reply

    Hey Brad I was wondering of you've ever heard of the show Once Upon a Time but they had an interesting view on red riding hood where she was the wolf also and that the red hood kept her from changing. Something to think about.

  16. bdouble2 35 months ago | reply

    Idea's for the Wolf- I think there are a few simple things to capture the essence of a wolf, in I guess human form. I would get some subtle, very natural looking fangs (or just the K-9's as best as u can) also I would try to get colored contacts to make his eyes bright Yellow, or Blue, or you could stick w/ the classical Red. (if you can't find contacts, I'm sure photoshop would do) also mess up the hair, adding maybe small twigs or small plant pieces and just use a step under Pomade hair gel and rock it out. Lastly I think you have to inc. blood some how. I would try blood in mouth dripping out the sides n onto chest. And I would think a human turning wolf would either show rage and emptyness in his eyes, or it would show a desperate and deep sadness. Idk Hopefully something i said can be helpful. I know whatever u do it will be top notch like all your stuff. Keep it up!

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