Here comes the sun

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    Kinda a sequel/antithesis to Shelter
    I really hate that this 365 has become pretty much only two or three times a week. School keeps on getting in the way.
    In case you live in a bucket and haven't heard it
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    1. Nick and the Whale 36 months ago | reply

      Love this Brad. The warm tones are great. I love the wide view but I love the crop more.

    2. damienmuckle 36 months ago | reply

      This is so amazing. The light, colours and tones are all beautiful.

    3. ItsEmma 36 months ago | reply

      my gosh, this is fantastic!

    4. fiddleoak 36 months ago | reply

      so… warm . -_-

    5. Luke Takes Photos 36 months ago | reply

      Love the wider crop. Beautiful colours.

    6. Jacob Robert Price 36 months ago | reply

      That wide crop is fucking awesome, and the lighting is blowing my mind.

    7. Mia Mallory Green 36 months ago | reply

      the wide crop is too good! both are super nice, but i definitely like it more! that lighting is craaazy beautiful.

    8. nikki chicoine. 36 months ago | reply

      that's how my 365 was starting to become, i feel your pain, which is why i decided to start a 52 weeks instead.
      but i love this, this image seems like it's full of hope, or at least relevant to my life in some way; the sun, the melting snow, your pose, everything makes it seems like happiness is about to burst out of the frame!

    9. David Grima 36 months ago | reply

      me too bro, there's the will to hold on to the 365 but there's no way due to exams, homework and all that.. :(

    10. KeyChild 36 months ago | reply

      Both versions are great! Really love it. I hope your school work dies down a little!

    11. orinoko42 36 months ago | reply

      I can feel that warm sun from here. This is wonderful.
      (School always comes first!) =]

    12. Cynthia.Wong 36 months ago | reply

      I love the detail of the close-up... but at the same time, I love the wider crop of the one in comments - how it just seems to give your character a background... to the viewer, a glimpse of the huge expanse of nature surrounding you.

    13. Vikas Ravi 36 months ago | reply

      this an epic work of yours.... genious!

    14. flondo™ 36 months ago | reply

      wide crop = perfect

    15. ben&lola 36 months ago | reply

      the colours are amazing!

    16. Razberry101 35 months ago | reply

      WOW I LOVE THIS!!!!!!
      its perfect :)

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