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But a time came when he had read all that had been written



He found his life told in the histories of people he had never met and places he had never visited,

But a time came when he had read all that had been written,

And it was time that he set out to find the stories that were too old for words.

He dug up stories older than the land he traveled,

But the stories he uncovered had their roots burried deep beneath the surface,

Burried even deeper than the people who had lived them.


(You'll noticed that I re-named the first in the story)This was taken the same day as the last one. I was going to use it to catch up a bit, but I didn't get anything yesterday.

This photo was a bit of a struggle. Since it was the same day as "Deeper than the people who had lived them" my memory card filled up in the middle of expanding and the sun was starting to get covered by clouds and it was of course one of the rare times that I left my camera bag in the car thinking I wouldn't need anything in it. So I was super hurrying to get the rest of the expansion once I put in my extra memory card, and it turns out that my camera can only take so many pictures per second so I had to wait a bit for it to write while snapping away. And in the end after expanding all the photos, ending up in about 50 layers (I went way overboard with the expansion lulz) the photo was actually too big for photoshop to save. It actually told me that. I always save before I merge all the layers so that I have a backup of all the original photos so I can change any mistakes I find later without having to re-composite. So I ended up cropping the photo in half and save the halves so I could have my back up. So much work. Just glad I actually really like the end product! =)


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Taken on December 17, 2011