77/365 Compensation

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Model: Logan

The Elements! that's what the main part of the BCP is. I decided to start with fire because well, idk. Originally I was going to have the hands lit on fire (super easy with hand sanitizer) but figured it wouldn't fit with what I wanted to convey which was a "capturing"of the element.

I really have to thank Logan for volunteering to do this. I had someone all lined up to do this for me and gave him a week to let me know what night would work and then the last day told me he was getting his wisdom teeth out. I was pissed. I was helping Logan with some things and told him I had to be quick so I could go take some photos and blow of steam and he said he'd do it and we got everything together and did it a couple hours later!

In the course of this his back got pretty burned from sitting so close to the fire, we had a wet towel while doing test shots. And then later while I was geting my 365 photo with the lighting he fell and got burned near his eye with the fire poker... oops.

Bee-tee-dubbs we're at the new hotel in Gloucester and the internet is better and we're right on the ocean. I may be able to get good pics here after all! Seriously debating wheter or not to post the picture I took yesterday or not. It's so stupid. We left in the morning to go to the game so I didn't take my camera, and we never went back to the hotel till night so all I have are camera phone pics that have absolutely not artistic value what so ever.



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Taken on August 11, 2011