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Take Me with You | by Angel The Asian
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Take Me with You

Hai, I went camping this weekend and managed to sneak in some shots before the sun went down :) It was such a beautiful place.


And I decided to just type out all of my answers to your questions, I was planning on doing a video, but I'm honestly so awkward when it comes to videos, ahaha. XD



Where do you get the inspirations for the different conceptual photos you take?

Most of the time, something will just randomly pop into my crazy little mind, and I’ll just write that down. Other times I’m inspired by movies, songs or photos I see.


How did your parents decide to name you Angel?

Well, my English name is Angel. I also have a Chinese name, which pretty much means Angel, so that’s why my name is Angel. And also because my Chinese name is relatively hard to pronounce for people that aren’t Chinese, so my parents wanted me to have an English name. So my parents just decided to name me Angel when we came to Canada when I was three.


How old were you when you started taking interest in photography? How long has it been since then?

I first became interested in photography when I was really little. My dad had a Minolta SLR camera and practically documented my entire childhood with it. Since then I would always borrow my dad’s camera when we would go travelling and whatnot. However, I wasn’t seriously into photography until started taking photography class at my high school. We had a film slr unit and I just loved it. The quality of the photos! So, I convinced my dad to buy me a dSLR for my birthday. So, I guess I’ve really just been into photography my whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that I started developing my knowledge and experience. :)


What's your favourite place to take photos?

I don’t really have a favorite, I go travelling a lot so I just take photos in any place that looks interesting. I don’t really have any favorites in my area either, I just go places close by or places that I find interesting XD


What is your favorite book?

Uh. This is impossible. I have so many x___x Some of my all time favorites would have to be:

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Treasure Island by Louis Stevenson


Other than that, most of the books I read are non-fiction. XD


What is your favourite style of photography?

I’m not really sure on this XD I really just love everything, personally I find portraiture to by my fave.


Who are your favourite Flickr Photographers?

Okay, well I have a billion, but here are just a few(too lazy for links, mah bad)

-Xin Li



-Michael Overbeck

-Adam Naples


-Colton Witt



You are refer to yourself as an Asian in your username as we can all see. Exactly where are you from originally?

I’m from China :D


How tall are you?

I’m 5’9. XD Ahaha, so I’m relatively tall, and I honestly love it.


Where are you from?

I’m from central Canada :D That’s the most detailed I will tell you XD


What's the best thing that has happened to you?

There have honestly been so many great things that have happened to me. I honestly can’t think of just one, and it would take forever for me to type out everything XD I’m just so fortunate to have support from great friends and family and that’s more than I will ever need.


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Taken on August 6, 2011