Inauguration Clean Lab Ext
Inauguration of the IAEA Safeguards Clean Laboratory Extension at Seibersdorf. 7 September 2011

The Environmental Sample Laboratory and the Clean Laboratory Extension

The Environmental Sample Laboratory analyses samples collected by IAEA inspectors from nuclear facilities and other locations. The results are used to help detect the absence of undeclared material and activities in Member States.

To enhance its capability to detect minor isotopes of uranium in particles collected from environmental samples, the IAEA purchased a large geometry secondary ion mass spectrometer (LG-SIMS) for its Environmental Sample Laboratory. This high-precision instrument was installed in a newly-constructed laboratory attached to the current Clean Laboratory - the Clean Laboratory Extension.

Commissioned in mid-April 2011, the LG-SIMS has begun routine operations, analyzing safeguards inspection samples. The LG-SIMS and the Clean Laboratory Extension were funded from the IAEA regular budget and extrabudgetary contributions from Canada, Germany, japan and the United Sates of America.
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