3D graffiti - from way back

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    From a series of postcards by Bristol artist Frank Drake from around 1983/84 (ish!)

    Alledgedly one of the first (if not the first) proper graffiti "pieces" done in the UK. 3D (aka Robert Del Naja) was a member of The Wild Bunch who later evolved into Massive Attack.

    I remember making a little pilgramige to see this as a snot nosed youth in my mileta jacket and pumas with fat flourescent laces in them....from that weird indoor market on Kingswood High Street, with Electro 1 pumping in my ears on my brick sized personal stereo no doubt! (or maybe I got my dad to drive me to it on a sunday - it's all lost in the mists of time!)

    I'll go and get a shot of what this place looks like now in due course....

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    1. i y e r s 76 months ago | reply

      Park Place, Clifton

    2. Walt Jabsco 73 months ago | reply

      Still got a copy of Bombing.........

    3. hunty273..AMP. 70 months ago | reply

      graf history right just there

    4. AJ_UK 69 months ago | reply

      Wow that is old skool! Anything there now?

    5. slikster86 68 months ago | reply

      This was one of the photo's in record mirror back in 86 along with an interview with 3D himself.

    6. raze_165 67 months ago | reply

      This image also features in the book "Spraycan Art" by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff published in 1987. The image appears on page 64 with an photo of 3D himself standing with his piece, taken in 1985, the picture in the book shows the graf still looking pretty fresh so I recon the date of the piece has to be late '84 at the absolute earliest. The blurb on the page credits him as being one of the first writers in England.

    7. INKYDIGIT 67 months ago | reply

      woah...I remember this...I must check my old photos to ee if I have any of this or others from this time!

    8. turroe 66 months ago | reply

      who ,when, and where, debate is arguable heard some legends mode 2 , state of art etc debating it.

    9. GRAFFITI GODS 64 months ago | reply

      yo.. i.. reemmember seeing this joint.. way back in the day some how.. ya this cool one.. maybe it was in subway art or spray can art..
      2 big.. 80s graff books.. by hennry someone or another.. had world wide pics in this book.. liked it bolth times i saw it.. peace..

    10. Walt Jabsco 64 months ago | reply

      Page 64 of Spray can Art by Henry Chalfont and James Prigoff......(I had to go upstairs twice then to get the full answer and I have a bad knee)

    11. Walt Jabsco 64 months ago | reply

      as you have written also.....if I had scrolled up before climbing the stairs, it would have saved me the journney

    12. Darkus Mcfarkus 62 months ago | reply

      yeah man, nice 1. i took a pic of this piece back in the day when i used to go yts just up the road. i had the phat laces too, and all the electros. still got em, and love em to death! lol

    13. Dirk65 58 months ago | reply

      wow, very cool work !! ;-)

    14. Clover - Team CT 53 months ago | reply

      is he still about?

    15. turroe 53 months ago | reply

      @ clover see children of the can ..and yes in the band massive attack not as a graff artist

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