My love affair with photography started in childhood.

At a young age
I remember playing and "shooting" (imaginary, of course!) with my grandfather's, Vicente Tarnate's, Rolleiflexes, Leicas and Pentaxes. He was a photographer and he loved photography. I know he did. He made a living out of his love.

I wonder where my Lolo's cameras are now?

Me, I just love to capture moments. Moments of people, colours, my world under the ever-changing shades of light. "Freeze" them & hopefully keep their memories somewhat alive through my photographs. Is "preserve" the word for it?

When I look through the lens I know I have the ability and the humbling power to share what I saw and felt to whoever wish to view them afterwards. "How?", you ask? I just know. Just like you do with your captures.

I have no formal education in photography. I just click away whenever my eye catches something or someone, that, at least to me warrants attention. (Which I am sure as you all know, in most cases, is almost every bit of everything around us!).

Whatever there is or was - joy, excitement, or (I wouldn't lie to you) even, perhaps, simply spur-of-the-moment "nothing", whatever the moment brings is extended by the photograph that flickers into my LCD. I know it may sound selfish but I take photographs not to please whoever might have a chance to have a look at them, but to satisfy my own excitement. To share whatever or whatnot feelings I had before, during, and, happily, after every push at the shutter button.

Photography allows me to breathe in and exhale.

You see, my bottomline is simple. I am a child again when I hold my camera. To me photography is when my photographs allow my Soul To Speaketh...
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