lightning strike caught on camera

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Because you insisted, here's the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, it went through my right hand holding the railing, crossed my back and exited out of my left hand holding onto the camera. No entry or exit wounds, as i was not directly struck, i got just a really good zap from a "streamer". And if you want to make a metal railing joke...go ahead, but holding onto one is actually what kept me from frying.

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  1. SnipeJaz 81 months ago

    sorry, callin BS on this.. saw this via gizmodo and the people there are right
    1) if the lightning was right on top of you you would not see a flash and THEN the bang (not to mention it'd b louder)
    2) you can see glowing red on the ground for a split second during the "lightning strike" which my guess is the lightning, or just some type of firecracker/explosive that gives off a flash first
    3) the camera would be toast, or at the very least the hard drive would be wiped clean.

  2. mmmm, brains 81 months ago

    Wow. I'm glad you're okay.

  3. Fort Photo 81 months ago

    Wow and just wow!

    -- (?)

  4. martytdx 81 months ago

    Wow - that's a pretty intense video. Glad to hear you're okay.

  5. SlowLoris 81 months ago

    If i truly wanted to "make myself famous" i would have accepted offers from CNN, Fox news, Good Morning America, and every other news station, that have contacted me about doing more feature interviews about this. I have been getting calls and emails everyday. Anyone who knows me, is well aware that this attention makes me very uncomfortable.

    I have seen a doctor, and i've talked to a few different meteorologists inquiring about what they think happened. All i can show you is the video i took, and explain to you what happened to me afterwards. I never claimed i was directly hit. But because i was so close, i did get a good shock. The jolt i received hit my thumb, not the camera, and it wasn't until 20 minutes later (after experiencing breathing problems) that i even knew i took this video. After the lightning hit, i was completely confused, and my immediate short term memory did not work so well. I couldn't complete a simple thought process. I've been told that because i was not directly hit, is why i lived and why the camera didn't fry.

    The headlines you've read or heard, such as "Woman stuck by lighting!" or "Lightning strikes woman!" or "Skagit county woman struck by lightning!" were all fabricated by the media for dramatic interest value and not me. Of course that's what they're going to say, they want people to watch their tv shows! I'm just another flickr user uploading a video of something that happened to me in my day to day life, and it happened to catch wind. The fact that this clip spread so fast, stuns me and is absolutely crazy to witness. I simply gave permission for my video to be used and have no control over the hundreds of blogs that chose to write about it.

    Thanks to everyone for their nice comments, asking if i was okay, telling me i'm an idiot for hanging out a window, or calling me a liar.
    I appreciate you all.

  6. Brenda Anderson 81 months ago

    championbrain, why do you keep harping on? It's obvious that she was hit by an electrical shock... sure, the lightning bolt itself didn't hit her (or she wouldn't be here to answer your questions), but you can get a mighty big jolt from a nearby strike if the conditions are right. Why do you keep calling her a liar? And why do you care so much?

  7. clickykbd 81 months ago

    People are struck by (or near shocked by) lightning relatively frequently all around the world... It's just not many are holding a video device when it happens. I guess that is why the news agencies love it so much... byproducts of our mobilely documented lives... the good, bad, and just plain weird.

  8. UnstoppableDrew 81 months ago

    Amazing capture, glad you're ok.

  9. eddiemalone 81 months ago

    If you're about to get struck by lightning, your hair will stand on end for a few seconds before. RUN.

    Oh I see God ganging up on us balding fellas again...bastard!

    Glad you're okay Slowris and smug in the knowledge that any campfire conversations that start "Did I ever tell you about the time...." are yours to own!

  10. dogfaceboy 81 months ago

    Eddie, it goes for arm hair, too.

  11. Mark Griffith 81 months ago

    Wow wow wow. I had major static electricity on top of Mt. Adams but nothing like this!

  12. stealingsand 81 months ago


  13. Hollingsworth 81 months ago

    wow, wow, wow, I'm sorry but that rocks the electric boogaloo!

    Glad you are ok Jess, super glad you are alright, but wow, super amazing to have on video...

  14. eddiemalone 81 months ago

    I've got irish eyebrows....I'm a dead man walking

  15. Neil Zone 81 months ago

    Wow absolutely amazing video, and as others have said, lucky you came out OK afterwards :-)

  16. ηεїℓ 81 months ago

    I was thinking of you, when I was taking this picture the other day..

    I read about you on the BBC news website! you're famous! Lightening Girl! You should now approach marvel - you could be the next supeheroine!

    Dun dun daaaa! its - LIGHTNING GIRL!! oh nooo run! pew pew pew..argh..


    Glad you're ok :)

  17. .YOKOO 69 months ago

    WHAT?? I never saw this? Oh dear, I'm so sorry that happened to you!

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