Comic Book Camp & Inkahoots
Opening panel and public forum with the Shooting War team at Ohio University Apr 29 2009.

Comic Book Camp is an example of Colleges and Universities collaborating to invest in two categories of the Innovation Framework: accelerating innovation in Branding Stories and acting as conveners, Dialogue and Inclusion. These are two categories of economic investment for Open Source Economic Development.

Ohio University's Katherine Milton, PhD., Dir., Aesthetic Technologies Lab (@Lab) wisely coordinated the Comic Book Camp and the Inkahoots print workshop hosted by the OU Print Dept. lead by Melissa Haviland Assistant Director, Graduate Chair and Assistant Professor (pictured above) Inkahoots featured Clinton Reno, a Columbus, Ohio illustrator, designer, and poster artist, bringing artists, students, and the public in close proximity to exchange ideas, produce creative work together, and build social and resource networks.

The value of graphic artists and writers teaming up to explore and experiment with new digital platforms is invaluable to accelerating innovation in the graphic novel, a publishing platform with a global market.

Pictured above: Comic Book Boot Camp team members from left to right at the opening public forum discussion: Ron Wimberly Brooklyn-based comic book artist; Joshua Dysart, creator Shooting War and American comic book writer known for dark themes, humanist horror and a fascination with the roots of violence has created work for DC Comics, Vertigo Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics; Dan Goldman, American writer, artist and designer living in Brooklyn, New York best known for his pioneering work in digital mixed media illustration and online comics; Pornsak Pichetshote, Vertigo DC Comics editor.

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