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    I'm currently reading "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath.

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    1. blueash73 100 months ago | reply

      love the book, love the picture

    2. B[Boy] 100 months ago | reply

      great shot, sylvia plath has a lot of deep manifestations of darkness but with an unhinging perseverance to let those around her know. too bad in the end she took her own life (im pretty sure if I remember correctly)

    3. aerie. 100 months ago | reply

      Thanks. You're correct, she took her own life very young. She was only 30. She had a brilliant mind & suffered from a debilitating disease. She wasn't just dark & depressed, research into her life & progress in MH dx & tx has narrowed her illness down to some type of schizophrenia. No 'pill' for that in 1950, her future was an institution.

      She was just so ahead of her time & wise beyond her youth (2 cliches/1 stone there). Maybe it's a woman/mental illness thing, I relate strongly to both, but I was book smart yet stoopid at age 20 (thanks, dad; who never let me own or express an independent thought). She had ideas that were no where near my level of 'maturity' or critical thinking she possessed at her age. Nevermind that it was the 50s. She was quite humorous, as well.

    4. aerie. 100 months ago | reply

      Thank you blulease & jec! And to shut my eyes!

    5. B[Boy] 100 months ago | reply

      I strongly believe it was a mental illness but I don't believe the woman issue. Although I very well may be wrong, the fact that women activists imposed a feminist approach to her "yellow wallpaper" when in actuality she wrote a paper explaining to everyone that that was not even her intention at all. Although it may have shined through in her other writings, I disagree purely on the statute that women activists imposed this issue that makes us lay dormant these subconscious thoughts in her other works.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women equality with men in rights but women activists really tick me off by performing a post-modern analysis of someone's work.

    6. Lori - Learning Junkie 100 months ago | reply

      Excellent image.

      This lovely photo was found in:
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    7. aerie. 100 months ago | reply

      @B[Boy]: You misunderstood. I'm no Sylvia Plath groupie. I'm not even much of a feminist nor do I know much of her stance on feminism as a movement. We just both happen to be female with similar female experiences. I wasn't speaking in terms of post-modernism analysis.

      I simply admire her courage to say unpretty, unladylike things so beautifully. She spoke of mental illness in terms that I'm incapable of articulating to myself or I nod my head & say 'yes, that's what I've been trying say!".

      Some of it is more of my emo-phase that causes me deep regret & sometimes self-pity.I see what she accomplished in a short time in spite of her mental illness & wonder why I wasn't so strong or lucky.

      At my current life milemarker (middle-age, empty nest, etc.) life-reflection occurs b/c it's a new beginning, how did my kids turn out?, did I do a good job? etc. The end of self indentifying as mom & adjusting to a new role. Hopefully to improve.

      Evolution, biology & their role in our humanity are also new interests for me. They make us who we are. So, biologically speaking, Plath's talent & illness interest me on a genetic level.

    8. aerie. 100 months ago | reply

      I admire your unapologetic honesty! We are at very different places in life & looking beyond ourselves at each other helps me stay young & helps you grow mature & wise.

    9. B[Boy] 100 months ago | reply

      that I can understand and agree with.

    10. wolfmanmoike 100 months ago | reply

      This is really a wonderful image!

      Seen at the group:

    11. jasecampbell 100 months ago | reply

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    12. aerie. 100 months ago | reply

      Thank you jasecampbell! A fitting award as my first name is Amber!

    13. aerie. 99 months ago | reply

      Thank you miss insomnia tulip!

    14. CatherineJay 98 months ago | reply

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