Schneider Trophy Rememberance Day
A celebration was held in the Solent on 14th September, 2011, to mark the 80th anniversary of Britain's 1931 air speed victory in the Schneider Trophy, which secured the title outright for us
The event, organised by airline pilot and seaplane owner John Russell, was due to take place the day before but was postponed due to the weather.

The event has seen amphibious aircraft depart Lee for Ryde where they were due to stay for a short while before departing to carry out flypasts, commencing from Lee-on-Solent airfield.

Following the flypasts, two seaplanes arrived at Calshot to emerge from the water via the flying boat ramp where they stayed before departing for Lee-on-Solent airfield.

The Schneider Trophy took place between 1913 to 1931 and the rules dictated that any country that won the contest three times in any five meetings would take the trophy outright. After winning in Venice in 1927 and the Solent in 1929 and then 1931, Britain acheived this.
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