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Can anybody tell me where I can find diagrams for this model?


This is a model made from two squares: one for the top half and one for the bottom half - the legs slide into the torso but there's no lock.


There's a nice older lady at church: she's the wife of a Japanese minister and speaks just slightly more English than I do Japanese. I figure I'm doing well if I get one word in five or six when I'm talking to her, so I nod and smile a lot.


She knows I do origami, so one day she grabs me right after the Sunday service and says she wants to teach me origami. Right there in the pew, she pulls out a bunch of red paper and starts showing me this Santa model, only she doesn't quite remember and her coordination's not quite up to snuff since she had a stroke earlier this of course I can't understand what she's saying.


It sounds like she wants to give these to the Sunday School teachers for Christmas...and somehow by sitting there and being shown how, I seem to have agreed to help her. I *think* she wants 60.


She gave me a baggie of models that were already folded and some paper...but no two are quite folded alike, so I'm not sure what this guy is really supposed to look like. Anybody recognize him?


I tried reverse engineering but it would be a lot less frustrating to have diagrams and landmarks for the vague squish folds I have now.


Off to hunt in the database, but that doesn't always have photos so I figured I'd try asking here too..

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Taken on August 19, 2012