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I am a INTERARTIST, and design educator who is currently a Doctoral

student in the MATX program at VCU in Richmond, VA.


For an “about me” please visit my web:




All the images/designs constituting the hypertypos database are COMPLETELY FREE based NOT ONLY IN the Creative Commons license BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY in the philosophical principle of knowledge betterment through unrestricted sharing of resources and ideas.


I took each and every photograph that appears in the hypertypos vault therefore I do have all the rights to distribute them for free.


You are welcome to use them and modify them in any way, shape or form.


If possible, I'd love to get a link -or an screen shot- depicting the chosen image being implemented in real environments, physical or digital.


I keep track of them for teaching purposes.


Enjoy and share the news.


Donations to preserve this vault free and open to the public are always welcome here:



Thanks for visiting


Guido E. Alvarez

VCU MAXT program

Ph.D. Student.

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Taken on February 21, 2009