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Large Scale Glider (Ventus 2cx)

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This giant belongs to Mr. Mike May. I'll put some specs here as soon as somebody familiar with the model sends me some. This is probably 6 or 7 meters span. I also know that is hand made by himself. He is apparently busy with an 8 meter span glider.

The owner and pilot (mikegbogh) was kind enough to inform me of the following specs for this magnificent machine:

This aircraft is scratch built using epoxy/glass with carbon fibre re-inforcing.
The wingspan is 6 mtrs
The airfoil section is a hybrid MH32 root transitioning to SD7037 mid wing and finishing again with MH32 on the tips which have 2 degrees of washout.
The all up flying weight is 9.00kg
The wing area is +- 120 dm sq
The wing joiner is a 19mm carbon rod (made of 75x 60k tows)
The epoxy was supplied by A.M.T. and is all LR 20 and various harderners.
The wings are vacumn bagged blue foam.
The servos are 11kg digitals with metal gears .
Hinges are silicon
and remember GO BIG OR GO HOME.

  1. zagispirit 93 months ago | reply

    Eish.... hoe het hy hom daar gekry? Dis seker 'n mission en 'n half?

  2. mikegbogh 93 months ago | reply

    The full story of this aircraft and the 1st prototype is on the berg-gliders blog check it out.

    dear zagispirit the wings are 2 piece and just fit lengthways in a landcruiser the next project will need a trailor.

  3. goldenbugnangel 75 months ago | reply

    I congragulate your skill

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