Hygge House
In September 2006 I purchased my first home in Austin Texas. It was a 1941 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom bungalow that had been updated a few months before I bought it. It had only 3 owners.

I sold the home in September 2007 since I was living and doing the majority of my work in Santa Monica and I just didn't like living in Austin.

The major rennovations I did was to the yard and a few paint jobs. This was the first time I started getting into decor and taking charge so you see a lot of mixed things going on here and not a defined style.

Now, I wouldn't own any heavy dark wood but it went with the bungalow vibe. I'm just not a Pottery Barn style girl but with a Pottery Barn outlet 1/2hr away, I did the house up. And I don't think I'd live with the paint colours again. Just not my style now.
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