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Milky Mess - [The Relations Project 52:24] | by Hydrocephalus
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Milky Mess - [The Relations Project 52:24]

Week 24


Milk of course is the best relation with a cow. At the beginning of this week we had a small discussion about a photo made by w@@t of a Milky splash. This discussion about using a speedlight to capure fast movement made me dive deeper in this subject. I quickly read some articles and then decided to take the theorie into practice. A lot of people use timers ect. to automate the whole capture of the object. For me it was a bit more difficult because i don't have any of these equipments.


My plan was to fill a glass with milk but let the milk come out directly therefore i used a glass with a round bottom. After setting up the scene and some tryouts with a dice to determine the timeing i prepared for the first attempt.


I activated my camera timer and focused on the moment the shutter fired i started to count released the milk and......... TO LATE (##@$#&%&%#$$*)

Being to late shouldn't be a problem if i didn't released the milk. The reason why the milk wasn't captured at the right place was that it needed more time to fall down then the dice.


Attempt two and again start counting after the shutter fired, released the milk....... way to early and even a bigger mess ROFL.


Attempt three (with water) perfectly timed and a magnificent capture.


Attempt four (milk again) finaly a result with milk which is acceptable.


Because of my plan was to make the scene look messy i decided to choise the result of the second shot as the best. Being honest when i was thinking about it later it is the best shot because you see that the milk has been in the glass and came out. After a lot of mess and cleaning i proudly can say missing success.



For the people who are already lost in the project you can follow the two different relation lines by clicking the links shown below.


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Taken on June 16, 2012