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Fairy Fawn | by hvhe1
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Fairy Fawn

Yesterday morning I tried my luck again with the Roe Deer babies. It's funny but up until now I've lived with the Roe Deer all my life, but had very rarely seen a fawn. But this year it seems that I all of a sudden understand where, and more importantly, hów to look because I see them almost every time I'm out photographing. But still, capturing them is a different ballgame. While the doe is at ease with me (I like to think that she knows me by now and trusts me, which is probably total nonsense :-)), the babies are still enormously skittish. They jump all over the place!! And as it's invariably early in the morning so with difficult lighting conditions I think I have the largest collection of blurry fawn pictures! :-)


I would really like to address one more thing; Deer fawns, when they are just born, are left alone in hiding by the doe. When you stumble upon a deer fawn, don't think it's abandoned because, of course with the exception of when you are a 100% sure that the mother is dead, the doe will be nearby, keeping an eye on you. Whatever you do, don't touch it or pick it up. Fawns have no scent whatsoever in their first weeks, as to not attract predators to their location. When you touch it (or its immediate surroundings), it will smell of humans and the mother will not return to feed it. You will condemn it to death by starvation and I'm absolutely sure you don't want that.


I've had the most lovely weekend, if you are interested, have a look at the Wildlife Diary

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Taken on June 21, 2011