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Full force | by hvhe1
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Full force

Although I don't usually post two pictures of the same subject closely after each other, I was so happy with this one, I just had to.


At the National Park De Hoge Veluwe in Holland, rutting season has definitively begun! The huge Stags are having daily dominancy fights over the herds of females and the calls can be heard from far off. Every year its a spectacular sight!


This particular stag, I call him "Koeiekop", which means so much as Oxhead, is the oldest and most agressive one of the stags. He defends his harem with a vengeance and every time another stag is entering the field he attacks full force. His massive bulk can accelerate with incredible speed!


Invariably, the fiercest fights are at sunset, when the light is rapidly fading. And with a speed explosion like that, you need shutterspeed. Two things that don't go well together.


So my hopes were not very high to capture this spectacular event, but nonetheless raised iso values(and kept my fingers crossed). When he indeed attacked one of the younger stags, I followed him with maximum frames per second. Much to my excitement, one shot (only) turned out exactly right!! Sharp head of the deer and motion-blurred background, something I had hoped for, but never expected to really get!


Something else; a couple of weeks ago I received an email of Flickr staff to remove the links to my website from the narratives underneath my pictures. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that it was forbidden, but apparently a fellow Flickr member had reported me to Flickr staff accusing me of using Flickr for commercial purposes. To the best of my knowledge I've never tried to sell you guys anything but merely linked to share events (the wildlife diary) and other things that happened to me lately. But anyhow, rules are rules and I was summoned to remove them, otherwise my account would be deleted. So, no matter the emails I sent (never heard anything back on them, which I think is rather unpolite), I removed the links.


What apparently is allowed is a link to your website on your profile, and underneath your picture a link to your blog or photo-portfolio. So voila! Here's my brandnew blog :-). With absolutely no commercial purpose whatsoever, but merely to share the wildlife diary with you. :-)

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Taken on September 13, 2010