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The law of the jungle

Mother Nature sure seems cruel sometimes.. But be honest; do you eat meat? I do. The main difference with this hyena's meal is that I buy my meat in a supermarket; neatly packed, not resembling an animal at all. But let's face it; it's all the same. There are predators and there is prey. It's the way Mother Nature designed it. Who am I to question her..


Technically, this was probably one of the hardest shots I took during our last stay at Mala Mala. It was already pitch dark when a call came in through the radio that two leopards, Mother and Cub, were seen. Mom had brought down a big Kudu bull, which would provide food for her and her baby for several days. But apparently it was too heavy to drag up a tree. By the time we got there, the prey was lost to a hyena. Mom and cub Leopard were quite obviously not amused and growled and snarled just a couple of meters away. So the hyena was in a hurry to get his meal down. It tore huge chunks of meat of the Kudu carcass and to capture it, with only the help of the car’s headlights was quite a challenge. I took dozens of pictures and this was the only one that turned out sharp.


As you know, I have a weak spot for the fantastic Private Game Reserve Mala Mala. Therefore, I’m very excited that one of my favorite people working there, Dean Wraith, decided to join Flickr. I’m really happy that as of now, I’m not the only one to be teased by his gorgeous shots :-)

Dean has a profession I think many of us would absolutely love to do: Ranger at one of the world’s most beautiful wildlife areas. I am sure that you will love his pictures! Please join me in welcoming him on Flickr.


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Taken on December 8, 2009