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The owl of the rising sun

Finally! I can tell you all what I've been doing in April. From my absence on Flickr it may have been clear that I was travelling, but unlike normally, I haven't revealed the destination, nor the purpose of my trip to you yet.

Believe me, I was just brimming to share it with you all but I had to wait until the news would become public. (which was today!)


So what was the whole secret about......


Beginning of february I received an email if I would be interested in being featured in Canon Japan's Corporate Branding commercial with as subject Canon's newest camera, the EOS-1D Mark IV!


As you probably can imagine; I wàs interested :-)


To cut a long story short, the above shot is one of Hannah, the gorgeous Eagle Owl, who, together with her companion Garu, was the real star of the commercial shoot.


You can read about my adventures during the shoot on my website (see my profile for the address)where you can also find the link to the footage and some interviews with me. (AAGH!! Completely scary thing to do :-))


I really hope you'll like the result!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!! We are taking the "Tembo" (the boat); out for a trip so the chance to have internet connection is very small. But I really hope to get some lovely shots at 'The Biesbosch" again.


ps. thank you Flickr and all of you guys out there; without you, your support, your comments, your encouragement, this wouldn't have happened to me.

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Taken on April 26, 2010