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Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue | by hvhe1
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Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue

Bird-hunting together with Michel is always a guarantee for something special. This time we found a Blue-headed Wagtail in a field of bright Yellow rape. I was very happy with the open Red-beak to complete the title :-)


This post is to just let him know that I’m thinking of him and hope he’s enjoying his break. Time is a healer..






Then, as I told you, I was tagged by Mark and found that it is very difficult to think off 10 things about yourself that are not mentioned before and not boring to bits. Well, let’s try.


1) I’m sure there must have been an astray Spaniard somewhere in my family’s history (either that or my mother is hiding something, which she denies insistently). I’m the only one in my family with dark hair, easy tanning skin and grey eyes. The rest is as Dutch as they come, which means bright blue-eyed and white skins (red as a lobster in summer :-))


2) I eat like a dockworker, according to Hans. Only in quantities, mind you, not the table manners!


3) I have double ankle-bones on each foot :-). Kind of like the double dewclaws my dog Pandour (a French Beauceron) has. Never bothered me at all but strange it is..


4) I don’t dare to touch frogs, toads or snails. When I’m gardening and you all of a sudden see something jumping a meter high and hear an eardrum-shattering scream: “Haaaanssss!”, it’s most probably me. He has to get them for me and release them at least 100m further before I so much as move a muscle.


5) Nastiest addiction (I have many): smoking. Just started again after 4 months of cold turkey.


6) I have a hate/love affair with tear-jerking movies. I can actually still cry when I think of certain scenes without even seeing them. Even worse, I always cry when I describe a movie I saw when I was about 10 years old (!) about a fox family; the story was told by an old oak and the den was underneath its roots. First there was only the mother fox. She found a male and they had a litter. One of the kits was born blind and in the end committed suicide by walking into the ocean. It ended with the mother fox alone again, after all others were either hunted down, killed in accidents or something else horrible. See! Now I’m crying again. (I never dared to go see “Watership Down” – although I cried of course over Art Garfunkel’s theme song).


7) I was supposed to be born a boy since my grandmothers’ names were already given to my older sister. So I was stuck with my grandfathers’ names even when I turned out to be a girl.


8) I hate shopping! I do the groceries but that’s about it


9) Love cooking especially for friends. But you’re supposed to say it’s good (lie if you have to!) or I’ll never cook for you again! :-)


10) My biggest passion is our own little stamp-sized patch on this planet Earth. There’s no other place where I would rather live. We live in Holland’s country side and little by little we were able to buy pieces of adjacent farmland and forest and turned it back into nature. Planted over 10.000 trees by hand and dug 5 big ponds. It’s an on-going process started by Hans 30 years ago. Our biggest reward is to see wildlife returning more and more in our safe little haven; Roe-deer, rabbits, foxes, hare, pheasants, badgers, woodpeckers, the occasional Kingfisher, Birds of prey etc. Fantastic! Our next project is a small-lake sized pond with one shallow swamp-like side for reptiles and amphibians and a steep side for Kingfishers and Swallows to nest in. Next to that, a plan to bring back Partridges and Quails into the area. For your reference: Holland is one of the world’s most densely populated countries so here it is quite unique to live in a place as I just described.


ps. If there's anyone out there who knows the title of the fox-movie I described above, please let me know!

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Taken on May 16, 2009